Bangkok Diary

    16 February 2008: Siam Pricing and Availability

By Graham K. Rogers


    The new year arrived weeks ago and I got tied up with the trip to MacWorld and some fallout from that as well as concentrating on my day job. As that pays the bills and gives me a visa here, that takes priority. Indeed, this week, I missed the press briefing for the MacBookAir precisely because of this. I did make an attempt to tour the iStudio shops when I picked up my iPod touch, but apart from collecting some price lists, nothing came of that. Now I have made a quick tour.

touch The main surprise for me was that, in the week I wrote about the 16G iPod touch that I bought a couple of weeks back, I found that the 32G version is in the shops here and that the proces of the other models has fallen -- two weeks and 1,000 baht has dropped of the price. Nice to see.

On the other hand, computers are staying the same, with no change at all in the iMacs, the MacBookPro or the white MacBooks, and only a 500 baht increase in the black MacBook, which may simply be local: shop around and you may find better.

Likewise the Mac mini range is priced the same as are the Cinema Displays. The MacPro (not in the chart) has both the 4-core and the 8-core version. While there used to be only the one -- middle of the range -- machine on sale here, they are all listed now at basic prices of 84,590 for the 2.66Ghz Quad Core; 103,500 for the 2.8GHz, 8-core; and 165,990 for the 3Ghz 8-core. All of these are highly configurable of course.

nano Although the MacBookAir had the press release this week, and these are listed, I have not yet seen one in the shops.

It is the iPod range where there are changes. As mentioned above, the 32G iPod touch is available and this is at 19,190 baht, and the others (8G and 16G) have come down in price to go with this. I found that two prices were cited, but the chart will have the higher price shown. I am unable to confirm that the lower prices (10,690 and 14,590 baht) are for the latest iPod touch: images and specifications miss the Mail program, for example. The iStudio in Siam Paragon does have the latest version: 11,390 and 15,290 baht respectively, which are both about 1,000 to 1,200 baht cheaper than a couple of weeks ago.

None of the other iPods has changed in price according to the data I have.

Current prices then:

iMac, 20", 2.0GHz
47,900 baht
iMac, 20", 2.4GHz
59,990 baht
iMac, 24", 2.4GHz
72,990 baht
MacBookPro 15", 2.2GHz
75,900 baht
MacBookPro 15", 2.4GHz
94,900 baht
MacBookPro 17", 2.4GHz
105,900 baht
MacBook, White, 2.0GHz
45,900 baht
MacBook, White, 2.16GHz
54,900/51,500 baht
MacBook, Black, 2.16Hz
62,900 baht
MacBookAir, 13", 1.6GHz, 80G disk
68,500 baht
MacBookAir, 13", 1.8GHz, 80G disk
76,900 baht
MacBookAir, 13", 1.8GHz, 64G solid state
115,500 baht
Mac mini, 1.83GHz Core 2 Duo, Combo
23,590 baht
Mac mini, 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo, Superdrive
31,590 baht
Cinema Display, 20"
25,000/23,500 baht
Cinema Display, 23"
37,500/35,900 baht
Cinema Display, 30"
75,000 baht
iPod touch, 8G
11,390 baht
iPod touch, 16G
15,290 baht
iPod touch, 32G
19,190 baht
iPod Classic, 80G
10,390 baht
iPod Classic, 160G
14,590 baht
iPod shuffle, 1G
3,890 baht
iPod nano, 4G
6,390 baht
iPod nano, 8G
8,590 baht
Airport Extreme Base Station
6,850 baht

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