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Graham K. Rogers

Notes from MacWorld 2007

    I will be updating this page with articles and news from the MacWorld Conference at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, from 8 - 12 January 2007. At the bottom of the page are some other useful links

  1. Arrival in San Francisco (including some street shots round the conference area)

  2. Early Monday, San Francisco (after the jet lag)

  3. Touristy Monday and Greening Apple, San Francisco

  4. Macy's for Macs: San Francisco (with pic)

  5. The iPhone exists: Keynote, San Francisco

  6. Images from the Show: MacWorld, San Francisco, Day 1

  7. Images from MacWorld, San Francisco, Day 2: All this and Robin Williams too

  8. MacWorld, San Francisco, Day 3: Busier than ever (with pics)

  9. Anti-War protest, Powell Street, San Francisco (with pics)

  10. MacWorld Final day: Show and San Francisco sights (with pics)

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