Anti-War protest, Powell Street, San Francisco (with pics)


By Graham K. Rogers

I heard the helicopters, which gradually faded; and then a while later I heard the sound of loud human voices in unison. From my hotel window, at the intersection of Cyril Magnin Street and Powell, I saw the banners and the marchers come into sight with police officers a little behind and on the sidewalks. I grabbed my camera (but forgot my room key) and took the elevator, hoping could keep up with the crowd.<.p>

There was no need for haste as the focal point for the group was a few paces from my hotel, near where the streetcar terminal is located. A small but vocal crowd had gathered, their numbers swollen by interested passers-by and a few people taking photographs like me. At that time, the poilce were not close but simply observing from across the street. I grabbed a leaflet from one of the group, a member of the National Organization for Women. The leaflet read:

President Bush wanted these troops to push things over the edge. he may well have succeeded but not in the way he intended.

I have put up a selection of images that I took.

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