Early Monday, San Francisco

Sunday outside the Apple shop

By Graham K. Rogers

It is just after 7am here and my phone, computer and body are still set for 22.30 in Bangkok. It looks like another clear day, so I will be doing the touristy thing early on. I have managed to deal with some of the jet-lag, but not the cold. I haven't lived in a cold climate for almost 20 years and while Dennnis Sellars describes yesterday as "sunny and reasonable warm", I was shivering in my socks. I had to remind myself that rooms have heaters too.

As I was awake earlyish, I went through some of my e-mail and was pleased to see feedback from yesterday's posting

A run into the hotel when we eventually tracked down the pre-paid transport took about 25 minutes and we were soon in our rooms at the Hotel Renaissance Parc 55 on Cyril Magnin Street which is conveniently round the corner from the Moscone Center.

After a shower, a walk in the city, which is vibrant. Images from the first couple of strolls round the block, and a bit further are available here

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