Touristy Monday and Greening Apple, San Francisco (with pics)

San Francisco: noon

By Graham K. Rogers

I spent the day using the excellent public transport system here in San Francisco. That comparison is relative, but anyone who uses Bangkok's buses and abbreviated rail system would understand. On the way I took in Castro, Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz the City Lights bookstore and Chinatown, which almost felt like being back in Bangkok. Photographs of the day are online.

During the last few hours, the web sites have been relatively quiet, although there have been a number of related product releases. I also discovered that the iPod attachemtn that links to Nike shoes is coming to Bangkok in April.

One interesting item was that,just after 6pm, Greenpeace was going to green the Apple store; and as this is just round the corner, I headed that way for a look. The other really interesting item, from Cult of Mac, was that Steve has apparently invited all his friends for something really special.

Apple Store SF

If Greening Apple was meant to have an effect, Greenpeace will need to do a lot better with its visual effects, despite the obvious expense: I would kill for one of those projectors for my students in Thailand. Some of the photographs I took are online and I also obtained one of the leaflets, details of which are at the Greenpeace site. The EPA this week said that Apple was not really one of the bad guys. They had intended to project onto both the street-sides of the Apple shop, but in my short visit, only one was working and the operators on the other unit looked a bit despondent.

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