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Bangkok Diary Thursday 8 October 2008: Pro Day - Remix2



Today (9 October) I went along to the Intercontinental Hotel in Ploenchit, Bangkok, where the local office of Apple was holding a Pro Day, which is running both Thursday and Friday. A lot of the fairly vibrant and young members of Thai the media production scene were in attendance to learn more about Apple's Pro applications including Final Cut, Logic Pro and Aperture.

The morning session on the opening day had a loose interview format with extended comment from Chalermchatri Yukol, founder of an online TV service which goes by the name of FuKDuK TV, Pongprom Snitwong na Ayutthaya, Director of GenX Academy, and Suradech Kaewthanakan from Kantana Group PLC. Chalermchai was to concentrate on his use of Final Cut Pro Server, Pongprom looked at Logic Studio and Suradech examined Soundtrack Pro.

Aperture workflow

The entire program for the two days is intended for Thai users and speakers covered all the ground in Thai, of course. This made it less valuable for me, but this does not detract one iota from the importance and value of the event. With the current world financial situation, it is good to see so many people interested in the production of media and hence, as Chalermchatri pointed out, this must mean Macs, despite the widespread use of PCs in Thailand.

Chalmerchatri also made one strong recommendation to the Thai users that despite the usual approach of Thai developers, they should make money: think global. A comment which brough much laughter. The point was not lost, however, that Thai developers had to realise they were in a world market these days and insularity was not recommended.

walk through

Outside the main ballrooom in an annexe, was a workflow demonstration that the attendees were able to observe a walk-through demonstration from input to output. Each work station or part of the process, including a section that used Aperture, was run by a skilled operator in that field. As I watched I made a mental note that a Wacom tablet is long overdue. At one of the sections which was showing Final Cut, someone had brought along one of the early Macintosh computers: still running one notes.

workflow workflow

As part of that walk-through, Canon had set up a well-lit tableau with some local models who posed for anyone who happened to walk by with a camera. Another mental note concerned good lighting.

Canon models Canon Models

The afternoon, and the Friday sessions were to be given over to presentations on the major applications that make up Apple's professional application ranges.

booths booths

In another part of the floor that the Pro Day was using, was a second ballroom in which several booths from local resellers had booths. Unlike the usual sort of display that we might find in a computer show, these were working displays directly related to the main thrust of the Pro Day demonstrations.

booths booths

Anyone with time on their hands -- or even those without, who can make an excuse to get away for a few hours, should make an effort to attend what is left of this event. Both the presentations and the booths have plenty to stimulate the interest of anyone with the slightest pretensions to involvement in media.

booths booths


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