Bangkok Diary Saturday 13 October 2007: Manifesto

I am beginning to expand my web presence in a small way to supplement the current Bangkok Post, Database, articles on OS X and to include other contributors.

My web statistics show that there is an audience for other materials. For example, the text that complements my weekly podcast has several hundred hits, while the podcast itself has quite low take-up. I want to write more and there are those with opinions on Macs and Apple-related matters who might also like an outlet.

Such a service would also allow me (and any contributors) to increase reviews on software, hardware and books as well as other general IT matters, particularly with reference to Thailand. The items would not provide any income to the writers, but would give some increased exposure.

As I have been careful to control my output over the past few years, I want to continue this conservative approach, looking for a few items each week, rather than several each day.

Graham K. Rogers
October 2007

Made on Mac

For further information, e-mail to

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