AMITIAE - Tuesday 13 December 2011

Images of 2011 Bangkok Flood: AMITIAE Site Information Update

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Over the weekend, the website I have been using for the last few months had some problems with the domain name after a miscommunication had me pay the bill late. Instead of coming back online, the site and the hosting service were unavailable owing, I am told, to a crashed hard disk.

While the AMITIAE site came back on Sunday, all data was missing. I have now been told that the hosting service can not restore the site to the previous version.

I wonder what I had been paying for.

I have moved on; or rather back to my other site, eXtensions, that I have been maintaining as an archive of earlier work. I have now re-activated this.

As part of a retrieval process, I thought it useful to provide some of the images of Bangkok flooding 2011 I had earlier put online. They are available (thumbnails and larger images) over two pages -- some 69 images -- with no editorial comment on the eXtensions site.



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